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What we are proud of

  • Ready to Eat

    With a unique expertise in ripening, Nature's Pride creates the best tasting Ready to Eat, EAT ME, fruits.

  • Social responsibility

    We strongly believe in a fair living and working environment for each and every person on this earth.

  • 'Fair for Life - Fair Trade'

    Our Eat Me mangos carry from now on the 'Fair for Life - Fair Trade' label, which guarantees fair trade.

  • Packaging

    Tailor Made consumer friendly packaging concepts that inform, protect and keep the product fresh.

  • On-time delivery

    Thanks to it's efficient supply chain Nature's Pride is able to deliver all exotics you desire. Day in, day out.

  • Our Partners

    Our worldwide network of partners makes sure that your favorite exotic is available all year round.

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Mango is native to India and is a drupe fruit, like a peach. The original man...

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Couscous with mango chutney

Couscous with mango chutney

With this recipe you can easily serve a tasty, fruity and colorful dish.

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Social Projects

Social Projects

Thanks to the Fair for Life - Fair Trade premium and the Nature's Pride Foundation, valuable social projects can be performed in and around the villages of the growers.

Read more about these social projects