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    Cherries are part of the Rosaceae family also known as stonefruit. This family of products includes almonds, peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums. The fruit is red or yellow, round, fleshy and contains a single stone. There are two types of cherries, the sweet and the sour one. Next to the fresh cherries there are also dried cherries available, which are in season whole yearround.

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    Cherries are available from Chile.

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    Calcium, Fiber, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamine A and C.

Main varieties

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    There are two types of cherries, the sweet and the sour one.

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Dried cherries can be consumed without any further preparation. The fresh ones should be washed and the stalks removed. The stone inside is not edible.


Cherries can be eaten fresh or dried. Cherries are commonly eaten out-of-hand, but are also popular for preserves, juices and stuffing pies.

When to eat

The cherry is ripe when the skin has a red colour, however the Rainier cherry stays a bit yellow. The fruit stays fresh in the refrigerator, but should be consumed within a few days. Cherries with brown or soft spots are old and should not be consumed.

Did you know?

  • Indians treated coughs and colds with tea made from the bark.
  • The average cherry tree grows enough cherries to make about 70 cherry pies.
  • The Romans are believed to have discovered cherries in Turkey in about 70 BC and introduced them to Britain in the first century. Nowadays cherries are cultivated in more than 20 countries.