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What is Apeel?

The longer fruit ripens, the more moisture evaporates from the fruit and the more oxygen enters it. As a result, all fruits will spoil sooner or later. Apeel creates a second peel around the fruit. This protection
forms a barrier that slows down evaporation and oxidation. In an avocado, this creates a so-called 'microclimate' that extends the ripening process, so that the avocado stays delicious for longer.

Apeel Avocado Timelapse Video

Reducing food waste

Food waste is a major challenge in our chain. Fruit is lost, particularly during transport, ripening and at retailers. Thanks to Apeel, more avocados remain for consumption, which results in an environmental saving per avocado eaten by the consumer. As a result, resources such as CO2 and water are conserved.

Partnership Nature's Pride And Apeel Sciences