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What is Apeel?

Each fruit and vegetable has a protective peel or skin to keep it fresh, so Apeel looked to nature to understand the molecular building blocks of a peel. With its plant-based solution and the addition of water, Apeel applies its extra protective layer at the Nature’s Pride facility. Since Apeel is made from materials derived from plants and consumed regularly as part of normal diet, it is edible and safe. The extra peel maintains quality longer, slowing the decay of the product considerably. In this way, Apeel avocados last 2x longer.

The innovative technology helps growers, suppliers and retailers to improve the quality of their products and extend shelf life, thus minimizing food waste from the grower to the store shelf and kitchen table.

Apeel Avocado Timelapse Video

Reducing food waste

Food waste is a significant challenge in our supply chain. Especially during transport and ripening and at retailers, fruit often goes to waste. Thanks to Apeel, more avocados are left for consumption, which results in environmental savings when consumers choose Apeel avocados supplied by Nature’s Pride. Our measurements show a halving of food waste in the path from Nature's Pride to the end consumer. The difference per lorry: a whopping 3,900 avocados, 640 kg CO2eq and 720,000 litres of water. 

Partnership Nature's Pride And Apeel Sciences