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Nature's Pride in a nutshell

Facts & figures

Nature’s Pride is probably best known as the company that made the avocado so popular in Europe. Or as the pioneer behind the process of ripening exotic fruit. But we stand for much more. We are one of the major importers of fruit and vegetables in Europe. We supply 221 varieties of fruit and vegetables from 53 countries, from Ready-to Eat and exotic fruit to berries and off-season produce. Get to know us even better with some facts & figures from 2021.

221 unique fruits and vegetables

worldwide 448 growers

from 53 countries

Origin 51% South America

Origin 15% Europe

Origin 10% Africa

Origin 3% Asia

Long time collaborations with our growers

Origin 13% Central America

Origin 3% North America

Origin 4% Middle East

More than 5200 sea containers per year

40 million boxes (packages)

354 Customers

From 28 Countries

15 years of expertise in ripening

50 ripening cells

8 ripening masters

1 ripening researcher

500+ colleagues

6 boot camp training courses

300+ Smoothies per day

Company building 37.000 m2 surface

The expansion 21.000 m2 surface