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Nature's Pride continues to grow

Sustainable new construction of 21,000 m2 ready by the end of 2021

Only seven years ago, we moved to a much larger building a few hundred metres down the road. By 2020, the new location in Maasdijk already proved to be too small. Luckily, we had the good foresight at the time to buy the land adjacent to the new building. Nature's Pride next expansion, of an impressive 21,000 square meters, is currently underway there. We are currently operating on 32,000 square meters.

More space for ripening and logistics

The reasons for our constant growth are plain to see. We have found that people's interest in healthier food is undiminished, particularly in fruit and vegetables. The success of our unique Ready-to-Eat concept has not gone unnoticed, either. As a result, the threshold for consumers to buy exotic fruit has become much lower. Our next big hit is called Apeel: the plant-based technology that makes fruit and vegetables last longer.

The new extension is intended to create more space for the ripening process. We are adding 30 ripening cells, an expansion of the current number of 50 units. The extra square metres also allow us to streamline our logistics process even more. The entire warehouse will soon be automated, for example. The investments in packaging robots make it possible to respond more flexibly to our customers' packaging requirements. This requires a lot from the ICT environment and the electricity supply. That is why we are constructing a flexible ICT infrastructure and installing a purchasing station for electricity, which is suitable for further expansion.