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Sustainability is in Nature's Pride's DNA

Responsible for people and the environment

Good business. This has been the foundation of how we work since the start of Nature's Pride. For us, commercial success and sustainability go hand in hand. It was our founder Shawn Harris who recognized early on that enjoying the tastiest fruits and vegetables can contribute to a better world. Since then, sustainability has been closely interwoven with every decision we make. Our Sustainable Business Plan is built on the basis of various themes. Click below to read more about these themes.

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Our three core values

At Nature's Pride, we believe that good business is the most sustainable contribution to creating a better world for everyone. Growing, harvesting and packaging products is an effective way to improve the living conditions of people in distant regions. Our sustainable activities are based on our three core values:

1. Together

We can't do everything alone. That is why we work in close collaboration with our growers. They share our vision of good business and work the way we want to work. That is why we strive for long-term relations in which we grow, invest and share knowledge together.

2. Pioneer

Sustainability at Nature's Pride is not something we've only been doing for the last few years. We have been working on this from the very beginning. We still have that pioneering mentality: these days, by initiating innovative developments that put us at the forefront of the sector.

3. Passion

You can't strive for a better world if you don't believe in it. We have that belief at Nature's Pride. Passion is what drives us in this. Every day, we work hard to buy fruit and vegetables in the most responsible way for people and the environment.


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Leading in sustainable entrepreneurship

Nature's Pride is the market leader in Europe in the import of exotic fruit and vegetables. But we also want to be a leader in our sector when it comes to sustainable trade. Our position is an advantage to that end. After all, a company that is an important trading partner is more likely to achieve structural change.

As an example, we have an internal Sustainable Business department. Employees speak the language of our growers, to maintain good contact with them. On the telephone, but also in person, with visits back and forth. Our specialists in that department are not the only link to our producers in 58 countries. Our buyers also play an important role in our sustainable ambitions. After all, they are the ones who regularly visit our growers. Buyers can influence growers. They use this influence, for example, to bring up the issue of working conditions. Or to look for ways to use water even more carefully, together with the grower. 

View our Sustainable Business Annual Report for all our 2022 sustainability activities.

Leading in sustainable business

SIFAV partner for sector-collaboration on sustainability

We are proud to be partner of the new program of The Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV). This plan will focus on reducing the environmental footprint across the supply chain, improving working conditions, incomes and wages and strengthening due diligence reporting and transparency.

The new SIFAV program is in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and supports the aims of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy to accelerate the transition to a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system. As a founding member of SIFAV 2020, Nature’s Pride knows from over 8 years of experience that sector collaboration is key in structural improvement of sustainable practices. “We believe the added value of SIFAV for the fruits and vegetables sector is enormous”.