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Nature's Pride Foundation

Our own foundation for a better world

Since 2014, Nature's Pride has had its own foundation, the Nature's Pride Foundation. With this foundation, we want to continue to broaden our sustainability activities. In the period 2014-2018 the foundation worked on the general well-being of employees in countries of origin.

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Two main themes

For the new strategy, the foundation has finetuned the focus on two main themes:

  • a healthy lifestyle, particularly in terms of nutrition
  • a promising living environment, particularly in terms of water management

What do we do?

  • In 2019, we donated €150,000 to various projects in these theme areas.
  • In the Netherlands, we financed a lorry so that food banks can pick up more fruit and vegetables and offer them to families in need.
  • In Peru and Morocco, we supported communities to improve the learning environment of children. We did this by expanding the curriculum with lessons about society and the environment and by creating vegetable gardens.
  • We also set up a study into responsible water management in Peru.
Nature's Pride Foundation


Together with our growers, for a better world