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Brazil: Electricity for the first time for a 1000 people

Improving living standards, reduction of CO2 emissions
1023 people impacted directly and indirectly
Funded by
Brasfruit and Mango Premium

Electricity for the first time for a 1000 people in Brazil

Electricity crucially contributes to a better quality of life. Among others, it enables the preservation of food, access to water, study in the evening, and more economic activity.

Over a year ago, our long term partner Brasfruit started a project to bring electricity to its farm with the aim to replace diesel generators. Experts have calculated that this will reduce the farm’s CO2 emissions with 96%, because this electricity is generated mainly from renewable sources. So mangoes and limes from Brasfruit can now be much more sustainably produced.

With government authorization and the help of experts, Brasfruit has made a 17 km-long extension from the main power line into its area of influence in Casa Nova. This not only will boost productive activity in the area; it also opens up the possibility to improve the quality of life for the people that live in this area by bringing electricity to their homes. Through the use of the mango premium, Brasfruit and Nature’s Pride are working together to make this a reality.

Over the next two years, more than a 1000 people, including 10 small farms and a primary school, are projected to be connected to the electricity grid. This is widely expected to benefit the area’s social and economic development.