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Dominican Republic & Peru: Better living conditions, COVID19 medical support, and Nutrition

Dominican Republic & Peru
DOT Fruit & Dominus
Better health, well-being and nutrition
1638 employees
Funded by
Mango premium

Combined Forces

Also this year our mango growers Dominus and DOT Fruit continued with their annual workers’ well-being programs. Both programs (see here and here) are hugely popular among workers and are tailored every year to their needs and preferences.

This year there was special attention for medical support in times of COVID19: several workers (and their direct family) at both growers gained access to critical medical care thanks to the Medical Emergency Fund.

In Dominican Republic workers improved the robustness of their homes in anticipation of tropical storm Laura. You can read more about is here.

And both growers gave extra attention to nutrition this year, through special workshops, changes in the menu offered by their canteens, and special nutritious food baskets to take home.

Better living conditions