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Ivory Coast: Nutritious meals for employees

Ivory Coast
Ivoire Agréage, Ivoire Développement Durable
Awareness and nutritious meals at work
140 employees
Funded by
Nature’s Pride Foundation

Nutritious meals for employees in Ivory Coast

What you eat influences the way you feel. Many people eat a diet that lacks variation. This situation often leads to anaemia, obesity and other health disorders. This also happens in Ivory Coast.

The employees of our mango grower usually bring their own lunches to work. These often lack nutritional value and are not always hygienic. In cooperation with our grower, the government of Ivory Coast, and a specialized NGO, the Nature’s Pride Foundation started a project to help employees –90% of whom are women aged under 30– to eat a healthier diet.

Through cooking classes 140 employees learned how to prepare a balanced meal, rich in vitamins and minerals, using locally available products. A staff canteen has also been opened where the employees can now enjoy a nutritious lunch every day during the mango season.

An evaluation at the end of the season showed that more than 80% of the employees highly appreciated the program and wants it to continue into the next season.

Nutritious meals for employees in Ivory Coast