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Back to school!

Good education and medical care for Peruvian children
25 children and their families
Funded by
Nature's Pride Foundation

The Peruan school year kicks off

And we offer a helping hand!

While children in the Netherlands had their spring break this week, children in Peru prepared themselves for the start of the new school year.

As did the 180 children of Kuychi in Peru. Kuychi manages a nursery, primary school and a medical center in Cusco. The level of education in this particular region of Peru is very poor. Many children have a disadvantage, partly because of poverty, but also pedagogical, emotional and medical problems. Kuychi makes baseline measurements and a diagnosis of each child in each class at the beginning of the year and then sets goals. It follows a holistic approach in which respect and the development of social-emotional skills are key points.

The Nature's Pride Foundation has been supporting Kuychi for a long time. This year as well with financial support for 25 children attending school.

Peru Back To School! Nature's Pride