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Nature's Pride and the Food Bank:

Healthy food, less waste

The Netherlands
Association of Dutch Food Banks
Healthy food, less waste
Avocados in food packages for families in the Westland and beyond
Funded by
Nature's Pride

A local support

60.000 kilograms of avocados!

During the festive opening of the new vegetable and fruit collection point for Voedselbanken Nederland (Food banks the Netherlands) at ABC Westland in Poeldijk, we announced that we would structurally support this initiative. It is estimated that Nature's Pride will supply around 60,000 kilos of avocados annually. The first pallet of avocados was delivered this week, prior to the ceremonial opening.

The Netherlands Nature's Pride And The Food Bank


Why is this so urgent?

Voedselbanken (food banks) help the poorest by temporarily providing them with food parcels. In 2017, 130,000 people were helped by Voeselbanken (food banks) in the Netherlands, of which 37% were under 18 years of age. In addition to a food parcel as emergency assistance, families also receive support from professional aid workers who look for structural solutions to their problems. In the Netherlands more than 1 million people live below the poverty line. One in 9 is a child.

Eating fresh and healthy products such as fruit and vegetables is often difficult for people who hardly have any money. Of the large quantities of fruit and vegetables grown and traded in the Westland, considerable quantities are rejected which, for various reasons, are not able to be sold. However, these products are still completely suitable for human consumption.

Therefore, various local food banks have taken the initiative to set up a joint distribution center for fruit and vegetables in Westland area from which various local food banks can be supplied. The collection point will carry out its activities under the name 'Groente- & Fruitbrigade voor Voedselbanken' ('Fruit & Vegetable Brigade for Food Banks')
Together with other companies in the region, Nature's Pride supports this initiative which promotes healthy food and helps reduce food waste.

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