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Trialling Catchment Passports© to guide collaborative action in high water stress areas

Global project
Improving the way we use water
Funded by
IDH & Nature's Pride Foundation

Partners for a better future

The Nature’s Pride Foundation has partnered with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, with the aim to design a methodology for international value chains to positively engage with high water stress catchments. 

Around the world, water challenges are increasing as weather patterns change and the global population and consumption continue to grow. Often times, many hundreds, or even thousands of actors –both public and private– use water from the same catchment. Addressing water challenges requires coordination among all of them. This has proven to be no easy task.

IDH and the Nature’s Pride Foundation reached out to water expert Good Stuff International to see if its Catchment Passport© methodology could provide guidance towards collaboration among all actors in the value chain. A Catchment Passport© captures essential information of a catchment in a technical and a-political way. This is a starting point for key stakeholders –both local and international– to start developing a shared vision of responsible water management in a catchment, determine steps needed to get there, and assign roles and responsibilities. This is a process that requires time and dedication, but a water stewardship vision shared by all actors in the catchment is the only true way to improve the water situation in a catchment beyond isolated actions that growers can take on their own farm.

During the last quarter of 2020, this methodology has been trialled in Ica, Peru and the development of the process and responses from key stakeholders have been positive. The Nature’s Pride Foundation and IDH aim to bring this methodology for understanding water catchments and the approach for positive international stakeholder engagement to further maturity and engage stakeholders in the European market in 2021.

Ica Catchment Passport