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Mayan Pride Project

Mayan Pride Project

Guatemala suffers from high unemployment rates, emigration and poverty in rural areas. There is little work for the growers. However, there are still opportunities as Guatemala has a perfect climate to grow high quality vegetables. Nature's Pride and its supplier Ghortex, who has been trading and growing sugar snaps and mange tout for years, have joined forces to increase the production of local growers. The Dutch government also gave financial support to the Mayan Project when it was established in 2008.




Ghortex, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Improving the living conditions of small growers in Guatemala


76 jobs, mainly for women; new pack house; certification; higher income; general economic progress; school; paved road, shops and an ATM

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Before 2008 the participating farmers grew corn for their personal use only. Now they export high quality sugar snaps and mange tout to Europe as well. As a consequence, their income has increased considerably, new employment opportunities have been created and the whole region has thrived economically.

To achieve this development, the farmers received high quality seeds and technical support. Drip irrigation was installed, a pack house was build and a refrigerated truck was purchased. Furthermore, the growers were assisted in gaining the Global GAP and For Life certificates. On behalf of the growers Nature´s Pride assisted in the marketing aspect of the entire production ensuring they received a good price when they sold their produce in Europe.


The impact of this project has been enormous; 76 new jobs have been created, of which 66 for women (some of these women have also followed courses in safety, accounting and administration); the informal labour and seasonal migration has dropped; the amount of planted hectares and the turnover has risen enormously; educational facilities and the infrastructure in the area has improved; now there are shops, a small restaurant and there is an ATM in San Sibila as well.

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