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  • 100% natural mango chunks

100% natural mango chunks

Our deliciously sweet EAT ME mangoes are now available pre-cut in handy 'to-go' packaging. These 100% natural mango chunks are the perfect snack!

Nature's Pride picked up on its consumers need to be able to enjoy ready-to-eat mangoes everywhere they want and responds by introducing pre-cut mango chunks. These chunks are just as sweet as our regular EAT ME mangoes because they are cut from the same mangoes, with no addition of preservatives. Because our chunks are 100% natural mango, they are 100% delicious!

Product: 9x200g 100% natural mango with handy, disposable fork
Availability: Year-round
Origin: Various
Storage: In the fridge
Shelf life: 5 days

Watch the video for more information on this product. 

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