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  • Nature’s Pride launches the avocado campaign ‘Yes, I Do’

Nature’s Pride launches the avocado campaign ‘Yes, I Do’

Avocados are popular, time to personally get to know the avocado. That was why Nature's Pride developed the avocado campaign 'Yes, I do' for the EAT ME brand. Although avocados are popular, there are still many people who don't eat them yet! And this fruit is just so versatile and healthy. From week 26 to week 29, Nature's Pride will focus completely on avocados, so that even more consumers will try them.

With the 'Yes, I do' communication campaign, Nature's Pride wants to approach consumers in particular who don't have avocados or only sporadically on their shopping list. With appealing packaging and shelf communication, we show how this versatile fruit can easily be used in everyday dishes. This way consumers must be convinced to try avocado themselves. The 'Yes, I do' avocado character shows the cheerful nature of the campaign.

During the promotional period the consumer can download a free personalized e-book with background information, inspiration and recipes; everything about avocados. In addition, various means of communication are used to support the campaign. For example, the use of influencers, social media and online advertising is used and there are presentations and tastings at various sales points. This is how Nature's Pride hopes to make more consumers avocado fans.

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