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  • Nature’s Cross supports 3 elementary schools in Guatemala

Nature’s Cross supports 3 elementary schools in Guatemala

Saturday October 8th we ran the 2016 edition of the Nature's Cross with around 500 enthusiastic and motivated Nature's Pride participants. Together we raised the incredible amount of € 135.614. With this amount three elementary schools in Guatemala can be provided with better facilities.

Sports day
It was a sunny autumn day, that made the forestry surroundings the ideal track for the Cross. The hikers walked with firm steps 10km, the youngest ran the Kids Cross as fast as they could and during the Big Cross many participants shifted borders. It was a sportive day full of cheers, sociability and mainly good fun!

Better Facilities
The Nature's Cross raises money for various charities to improve education and health care in developing countries. With the magnificent sum of money of this year we can support and improve the facilities of 3 elementary schools in the region of Guatemala where our sugar snaps and snow peas are grown.

Nature's Cross in Guatemala
To celebrate the human connection and solidarity between the producer communities in Guatemala and the employees, families, and friends of Nature's Pride and Pack, the communities in Guatemala also organized their own Cross. It was a wonderful family day during which the children ran with their parents for the goal of improving their schools. The sporting event empowered the children to make their own contribution to the project and
enabled them to feel shared ownership.

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