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An artichoke is a unopened flower-head and a species of the thistle variety. Large artichokes grow on the main stalk at the top of the plant and have a cylinder-oval like shape. Every grey green bud has many small leaves that are folded around the flower base. The outside leaves are thick and leathery and usually not eaten. The inside is tender and slightly fleshy. The leaves become more tender the closer they get to the heart.
The ideal teperature of Artichoke

Storage advice

Artichokes are kept refrigerated while being transported and while in storage. The ideal temperature during transport is 4 degrees Celsius. In the shops the product will be available in open refrigerated displays. At home the artichokes need to be kept in the fridge.
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The Camus variety is dark green with a round compact head.


The Castel variety is light green and has a large, fleshy heart.

Origin Nature's Pride Artichoke

Artichoke - EgyptEgypt Artichoke - FranceFrance Artichoke - SpainSpain

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