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  • Baby Patty Pans

Baby Patty Pans

Baby patty pans are pumpkin-like fruit and have the same shape as a ribbed spinning top. The baby fruit has a soft neutral flavour like the flavour of a courgette.
The ideal teperature of Baby Patty Pans

Storage advice

Baby patty pans are kept refrigerated during transport and storage. The ideal temperature during transport is 6 ℃. At home the baby patty pans are best kept in the fridge.
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Origin Nature's Pride Baby Patty Pans

Baby Patty Pans - South AfricaSouth Africa

Growing and harvesting

The seeds are planted by hand on the field. The plants grow fast and the large leaves protect the vegetables. Both baby courgette and baby patty pans can be harvested after 5 weeks. The mini vegetables are cut off the stem using a knife. Then the products are carefully washed in the packhouse and prepared for transport to Nature's Pride.
Baby Patty Pans
Baby Patty Pans

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