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A lychee is a small exotic fruit consisting of semi-transparent flesh surrounded by a rough skin which is easy to peel off. The rough skin of the lychee is pinkish red and has small prickles. The skin is not edible. The flesh of this small fruit is wonderfully sweet and very juicy. The large seed in the middle is not edible.

The ideal teperature of Lychees

Storage advice

Lychees are kept refrigerated in storage and during transport. The ideal temperature during transport is 2 degrees Celsius. At home the lychees need to be kept in the fridge.
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Origin Nature's Pride Lychees

Lychees - IsraelIsrael Lychees - MadagascarMadagascar Lychees - MauritiusMauritius Lychees - MexicoMexico Lychees - South AfricaSouth Africa Lychees - ThailandThailand

Growing and harvesting

The lychee tree is an evergreen that can grow to a height of up to 20 metres. First harvesting takes place after two to three years. Lychee trees can last twenty to thirty years, and take ten years to achieve their full production potential. Lychees can be harvested when the fruit has reached a weight of 16 to 35 grammes, the skin becomes less prickly, and the colour of the fruit intensifies. Lychee bunches are harvested manually or using cherry pickers, before being cut off their bunches individually. The fruit is taken to the warehouse after harvesting where it is checked for quality, sorted for size and bulk packaged in boxes of two or five kilos. Next, they are transported to Nature's Pride, where they are repackaged in their end-packaging.

Packaging options

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Packaging options 2

Preparation tips & recipes

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