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The plum is a stone fruit with purple skin and yellow flesh. Plums contain a hard stone that is not edible. The flesh of our plums has a soft texture and has a delicious sweet and tart flavour.

The ideal teperature of Plum

Storage advice

Plums are preferably stored at a temperature of 2 °C. In the store, plums are not stored in the cooling, but in a place with the temperature ranging from 6 °C to 20 °C. Plums should be kept in the fridge at home.

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Origin Nature's Pride Plum

Plum - South AfricaSouth Africa

Growing and harvesting

Plums come from the Western Cape in South Africa. Plums enjoy a climate with high temperatures in the summer and sunny but fresh winters with cold nights. The plums are picked by hand. Once in the warehouse, the fruits are washed thoroughly. They go through a quality check, and the employees sort and pack the plums. After the fruits are packed, they are cooled back to 10 °C to stop the ripening process.

The ripening of plums

Upon arrival at Nature's Pride the plums go through a quality check. Then the ripening supervisors determine the ripening process for every pallet and adjust the humidity and the temperature accordingly. This way the climate of the country of origin is reproduced. All plums undergo a specific selection process whereby only the best products receive an EAT ME sticker. More information about the ripening process can be found here.

Packaging options

Packaging options 1
Packaging options 2
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