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Rambutan is a small round shaped fruit, it is the same size as a lychee and it has leathery skin.
The skin is covered in soft spines which are green to dark red. The firm white flesh is juicy and sweet. Rambutan has an inedible seed in the middle.
The ideal teperature of Rambutan

Storage advice

Rambutans are kept refrigerated during transport and storage. The ideal temperature during transport is between 6 ℃ an 8℃. At home rambutans are best kept in the fridge.
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Origin Nature's Pride Rambutan

Rambutan  - IndonesiaIndonesia Rambutan  - MalaysiaMalaysia Rambutan  - ThailandThailand Rambutan  - VietnamVietnam

Growing and harvesting

A new rambutan tree must grow for at least four years before it bears fruit. When the tree flowers it takes about 30 to 45 days until the rambutan develops properly. When the rambutan are ripe, they are harvested per branch so the fruit is not damaged. One branch has five to 20 rambutan fruit and can grow up to a height of 20 metres. After harvesting rambutan are transported to the packing station, where they are cleaned and checked for quality. Next, the rambutan are weighed and put into boxes one by one, before being prepared for transportation to Nature's Pride.

Preparation tips & recipes

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