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  • The Chilean avocado season started early

The Chilean avocado season started early

The Chilean avocado season has started 3 weeks earlier than last year. The favourable weather conditions of the last 6 months have led to a quick development of the oil content and dry matter value of the avocado. Furthermore it was very interesting to start the season early because of the record prices in the US.

Our program currently consists 80% Chilean avocados and it will grow to 90% in the coming weeks. We will continue to import avocados from Colombia and Mexico as well.

Because of the early start, but especially the higher demands from the US, Chile will  harvest 40% of the avocados in early October. This means that less volumes of Chilean avocados will be seen after the turn of the year. From February, the market will consist of  avcoados from Spain, Morocco, Israel, Mexico and Colombia.

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