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  • Optimal availability of delicious passion fruit

Optimal availability of delicious passion fruit

We supply the tastiest passion fruit from Colombia all year round. In this period, this tangy fruit is also available from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Passion fruit grows on vines and belongs to the Passiflora family. This family also includes exotic fruits such as Granadilla, Curuba and Maracuja. When the seed of the passion fruit plant is planted it takes 10 to 12 months until it can be harvested for the first time. The plant has a life cycle of 2 to 4 years and produces passion fruit all year round. The fruit is harvested when the fruit starts to turn from green to purple.

teeltfoto passiefruit

The fruit is ripe when the skin is dark purple and smooth. The fruit then has a delicious sweet and sour taste. Is the skin wrinkled? Then the fruit is even more mature and the flesh is even sweeter.

passion fruit ripeness

Packaging options: Single or pre-packed per 3 or 4 pieces.

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