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An exotic Easter with family and friends
Spring is in the air, the birds are whistling, Crocuses are flowering. That only means one thing it's time for Easter. To get a real spring feeling during the Easter weekend we have developed wonderful exotic Easter recipes. Inspiration for a colourful and delicious Easter weekend with family and friends for you and your customers. Ask your account manager straight away about our digital media kit.
The impressive journey of green asparagus
Did you know that Nature's Pride is the largest importer of green asparagus in Europe? We have green asparagus year-round! These asparagus make an impressive journey from young plant to perfectly delicious, green asparagus. We'd like to take you on this trip.
Tamarillo, the tree tomato from South-America
Tamarillo is an egg-shaped fruit native to the Andes mountains. It is also known as the tree tomato. Nature's Pride imports the beautiful red variety from Colombia. The flesh of this fruit is orange. The small, dark seeds are edible. Tamarillo is slightly sweet, with an intense flavour. The rind tastes bitter and is not usually eaten.
Powerful start of the day!

A good and healthy breakfast is very important. Namely because your body needs energy and nutrients to start the day. Delicious exotic fruit and vegetables contribute to a healthy breakfast and give it a tasty touch. So, give your exotic produce sales an extra boost with our 'EAT ME Inspirations' Breakfast theme. We have created delicious breakfast recipes, beautiful images and practical information for your website and social media channels.

Introducing small sized Ready-To-Eat avocados
We are proud to expand our avocado-range with a new product: Ready-To-Eat avocados in a convenient single size. Perfect for avocado lovers.
Visit Nature's Pride at Fruit Logistica on 8, 9 and 10 February!
This year, Nature's Pride will once again be present at the Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin. We present our extensive range at our inspirational stand and let visitors get acquainted with various innovations and our vision of the ideal shelf presentation of exotics and berries.
Avocado: from cultivation to shop!
Our avocados are full of flavour because they are left on the tree about 2 weeks longer than other avocados on the market. The later harvest ensures that the oil content of the fruit is perfect. Would you like to know more about our avocados in the shop? Check it out here!
Deliciously sweet Brown Turkey figs are available
The popular Brown Turkey figs are available. These soft and sweet figs from Brazil are known for their excellent quality. The Brown Turkey is easily recognized by its thin green-brown skin. As the fruit ripens the skin turns darker brown in colour. The flesh is soft pink to red.
Make a healthy & vegetarian start in 2017!
The beginning of a new year encourages you to make a healthy start. More fruits and vegetables, less meat and fish. Our exotic fruit and vegetables are used to prepare healthy dishes that are so tasty that meat and fish can often be left out. So, give your exotic produce sales a boost with our "EAT ME Inspirations' Vegetarian theme. We have made delicious vegetarian recipes, beautiful pictures and have useful information for your website and social media channels.
EATME.nl second in Website of the Year competition
EATME.nl finished a strong second place at the presentation of the 'Best Website of the Year 2016' in the consumer goods category!
Let’s enjoy a wonderful Christmas together!
Have a good time cooking, eating and drinking in the company of family and friends. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed together! Exotic fruits & vegetables will just give that extra touch to brunches, snacks, drinks, dinner and dessert. Increase the sales of your exotic produce with the 'EAT ME Inspirations' Christmas theme. We have tasty exotic Christmas recipes, beautiful pictures and practical information to use on your website or social media networks.
Now available: delicious sweet, juicy lychees
Enjoy the fresh lychees while you can! The lychee is only briefly available but it's a true taste experience. We supply the very popular larger lychee, the Mauritius variety. The skin and the large seed in the middle are not edible but the flesh of the fruit is deliciously sweet and very juicy. The lychees are available in flow packs of 250 g. or loose in 2 kg boxes.
Nature’s Pride is proud to finish 2nd in the Hillenraad100!

For the second year running, Nature's Pride finished 2nd in the Hillenraad100, a ranking list for the most prominent companies in the Dutch horticulture industry. This was announced on Friday the 28th of October during the annual Hortigala at the Onderzeebootloods in Rotterdam. Nature's Pride is very proud of this achievement and would like to thank all its partners and colleagues who have made this possible.

Save the rhinos in South Africa!
Our baby vegetable grower together with the WWF are taking action against rhino poaching in South Africa. In 2015 at least 1,338 Rhinos were killed by poachers. This has to stop! Nature's Pride is donating € 0.10 per box of baby vegetables to this project.
Nature’s Cross supports 3 elementary schools in Guatemala
Saturday October 8th we ran the 2016 edition of the Nature's Cross with around 500 enthusiastic and motivated Nature's Pride participants. Together we raised the incredible amount of € 135.614. With this amount three elementary schools in Guatemala can be provided with better facilities.
New cranberry harvest widely available
They are here again: fresh cranberries! These beautiful red berries from America are of the highest quality. Cranberries with their bittersweet flavour are very versatile and combine well with many autumn recipes. The berries are available in convenient bags, flow packs and bulk boxes.
EATME.nl nominated for Website of the Year
EATME.nl has been nominated for Website of the Year 2016! EAT ME is a quality exotic fruit and vegetables label and wants to inform and inspire visitors with its website. EAT ME is competing with brands like Heineken, Calvé, Mentos and Red Bull, to conquer this prestigious title in the category of consumer goods from the 26th of September to the 4th of November.
Exercising on our own boot camp sports field
In the interest of improving the health and vitality of its employees, Nature's Pride has constructed a boot camp sports field. Employees get the opportunity to participate in various boot camp classes during the working week.
An Amazing Ride for the Roses, 2016 edition
The first weekend of September, some 140 colleagues, family and friends of Nature's Pride along with thousands of others fought against cancer by cycling in the Ride for the Roses. This year the event took place in Twente and the distances of the courses were 25, 50 or 100 km. A total of no less than € 585.000 was raised of which Nature's Pride contributed more than € 70.000!
Fred van Heyningen is appointed as Managing Director of  Nature’s Pride
Fred van Heyningen will become the Managing Director at Nature's Pride on the 1st of September 2016. He will be responsible for all operations and personnel.
Looking back on a successful Health Week!
2016 is the year in which Nature's Pride is focussing on improving the health and vitality of its employees. With this in mind, Nature's Pride organized the Health Week last April, a week where everything revolved around sports, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, feeling fit and relaxed.
100% natural mango chunks
Our deliciously sweet EAT ME mangoes are now available pre-cut in handy 'to-go' packaging. These 100% natural mango chunks are the perfect snack!
The gadget of summer 2016: Lime sprayer
Besides the new avocado slicer, now we also have a terrific new tool for limes. Salads will become even more delicious thanks to this lime sprayer. This tool has been especially designed to easily remove the juice from the lime.
Our brand new gadget: the avocado slicer!
Discover our new gadget! We are proud to introduce a kitchen aid for the real avocado lovers. Slicing an avocado has never been this easy.
Exotic Easter with Nature’s Pride!
Easter is around the corner, a wonderful time that is used by consumers to spend more time preparing delicious meals to enjoy with friends and family. A perfect time to pay extra attention to exotic fruit and vegetables.
Visit Nature’s Pride at Fruit Logistica!

Nature's Pride will be presenting a huge variety of fresh exotic fruit and vegetables at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin on 3, 4, and 5 February 2016.

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This foundation was established to finance local projects in communities where they grow our exotic fruit and vegetables. The aim is to stimulate economic growth of small farmers, pack house employees and their families.

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Good and safe working conditions
Involvement in local communities
Respect for the environment

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For Life program, plus:
Fair Trade premium for local projects.

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Nature's Pride Foundation

This foundation was established to finance local projects in communities where they grow our exotic fruit and vegetables. The aim is to stimulate economic growth of small farmers, pack house employees and their families.

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