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About us

Nature's Pride: an introduction

Nature's Pride is perhaps best known as the company that made the ready-to-eat avocado big in Europe. Over the years, great strides have been made in the process of ripening exotic fruits and extending their shelf life, with Apeel. And that's not all, we're concerned with even more!

We are one of the largest importers of fruit and vegetables in Europe. We source more than 220 different fruits and vegetables from nearly 53 countries, from Ready-to-Eat and exotics to berries and off-season products. We are the number one supplier of unique and tasty fruit and vegetables for retail, wholesalers and exporters in Western Europe. In doing so, contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world.

To a higher level together

We aim for long-term relationships: with growers, customers, and partners we are proud to work with. Sustainable collaboration is a precondition for us to be more than just a supplier. Together, we want to take the chain to the next level. We inspire each other to continue to develop innovations. Together, we make consumers even more enthusiastic about exotic fruit and vegetables. And we help growers to optimise their business operations. This is how we create better products together with growers and customers.

Together to a higher level

One family

This collaboration is not only about a business relationship. At Nature's Pride, our relationships are mainly very personal. We never lose sight of the mutual interests in our business relationships. And we appreciate what we achieve together. It is precisely this commitment that makes us more than business partners. We are all part of the same Nature's Pride family. We do this from the passion for fruit and vegetables that we share at Nature's Pride. Together, we can excel.

One family