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Grow the category together

We work closely together with our partners to allow the exotic fruit and vegetable category to grow. Our EAT ME brand helps us in two ways:

1.      Via EAT ME, we share knowledge, tell our fair and sustainable story and inspire others. This means that consumers know exactly where our products come from, which health benefits they offer and how to use and prepare them. We boost sales with our inspiring EAT ME campaigns. Through (online) advertisements, promo advice and in-store activations with POS materials, we successfully attract attention.

2.      The EAT ME campaign enables us to communicate directly with the consumer. Through panel research, among other methods, we know what the needs and requirements of the consumer are and are able to successfully respond to this.

Brand values


Our products are renowned for their unrivalled quality. We strive to always supply high quality products, that satisfy or even exceed consumer expectations. EAT ME is all about healthy, high quality products that offer the tastiest flavours and guarantee instant consumer enjoyment.


As adventurous global travellers, we go in search of the tastiest exotic fruit and vegetables, together with our growers. We take everybody with us on a global taste adventure, whether they are consumers, clients or other partners. We offer recipe inspiration for delicious, simple dishes that use our diverse world flavours, ensuring endless variation for every consumption moment throughout the day.


Every day, we are committed to contributing to a better and healthier world, together with our partners. We achieve this by treating people and nature with the utmost care and respect. This is the only way to ensure genuine enjoyment of our delicious products, for both current and future generations.

Inspiration platform

Through our EAT ME platform, we inspire consumers with hundreds of recipes of our exotic fruits and vegetables. We also provide extensive product information, such as the nutritional values per product, preparation tips and origin information.