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Nature provides us with the fruit and vegetables we love to eat every day. We want to protect it as much as possible and are committed to doing so. We are actively working on responsible water management, maintaining biodiversity, reducing our emissions and our impact on the climate. 


Water is essential for everyone, but it is scarce. This is why, together with our growers, we are committed to ensuring responsible water management. We invest in maximising water conservation in the field, for example, by using the latest irrigation techniques, reusing water and effective soil management. But we also look beyond the grower to consider water use in the surrounding area. In areas where water use and availability are out of balance, we engage with stakeholders to make the ecosystem healthier and more resilient. We develop Water Stewardship activities at a regional level, which involves ensuring progress together with local and international parties to successfully coordinate the supply and demand for water across the region. We are a sector leader in the certification of responsible water use, educating our buyers on key water issues and making water use an essential purchase criterion.

Read more about it in our Water Policy or in our Water Stewardship Journey.

What means responsible water management?

Do you want to know what we are doing together with our growers and other stakeholders on responsible water management in the fruit & vegetable sector? Watch the video below. 


Biodiversity is essential to life on earth. It is crucial to maintaining the healthy ecosystems we rely on to grow our products. Our natural world provides fertile soils, water purification, pollination and pest control, while ensuring the successful growth of our products. It protects us from floods, droughts and diseases. At Nature's Pride, we identify our areas of impact on the natural world and how we can ensure a positive contribution to maintaining biodiversity in our cultivation regions. We are the first company in the sector to test the GLOBALG.A.P. Biodiversity Add-on in South Africa and intend to apply this to other countries. This is a new biodiversity standard for fruit and vegetable producers. The add-on module monitors, improves and protects the most important aspects of field biodiversity, increases awareness and provides guidance in the development of an expanded biodiversity action plan.


Climate change is one of the biggest global threats and we are already experiencing the impact of a changing climate in our cultivation regions. Increasing periods of drought and extreme weather affect harvests and product quantities. Although fruit and vegetables generally have a lower environmental footprint than other food products, our sector is still responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. With this in mind, we are actively working to reduce our emissions in the areas of cultivation, transport, energy and waste. We are the first fruit and vegetable importer worldwide whose climate objectives have been approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI). These objectives are in line with the Paris climate agreement, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C. We review our progress on our objectives on an annual basis.


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