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Our Expertise

Our progressive mindset means we strive to produce the highest quality and tastiest fruit and vegetables throughout our range. Through intensive quality inspections and our unique ripening expertise, we proudly ensure a colourful and tasty customer experience. So together, we can make everyone enjoy the tastiest global flavours.

Intensive quality inspections

At Nature’s Pride, we ensure the tastiest and highest quality products. Together with our growers, we impose the highest quality standards and requirements on all our fruit and vegetable varieties and the cultivation process. We have long-term partnerships with our growers across the world. We follow the sun, always harvesting in the right season. This enables us to supply a consistently high quality year-round.

Even after the cultivation process, we ensure quality procedures are in place to closely monitor our products. At our Maasdijk facility, we conduct continuous quality inspections on our fruit and vegetables. All observations are recorded in our quality system and this data is shared with the grower. This extra care and attention is important to us, as the objective is to supply you with the tastiest exotic fruit and vegetables. We also simulate shelf life in the chain in our laboratory and adjust our process if necessary.

Unique ripening expertise

Our many years of ripening expertise (more over 15 years) means we are always able to offer you perfect, ready-to-eat fruit. We are pioneers in the ripening process, understanding how the fruit develops and guarantee that our fruit ripens at exactly the right moment and to the right grade.

In our special ripening cells with optimal conditions, the fruits are ripened from inside to outside, while our experienced ripening masters closely monitor the ripening process. These cells provide optimum ripening conditions, while our experienced ripening masters closely monitor the ripening process. We conduct this process with great care, step-by-step and per pallet, to ensure a perfectly ripened product with an optimum shelf life. We take variety, size, origin and ripening characteristics into account and configure this to the demands of the customer. Real expertise that ensures consumers will always receive perfectly ripe and top quality fruit. 

Progressive mindset

To guarantee the tastiest products arrive at exactly the right place and at the right time, we implement extra steps. We are a pioneer in the market and always strive to improve. Internally, we work to improve the efficiency of our production chain on a daily basis. We focus on automation, digitalisation, sustainability and knowledge sharing with diverse partners, so that our world flavours are always available.

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