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Nature's Pride Foundation

Our own foundation for a better world

In 2014, we set up the Nature’s Pride Foundation to further reinforce our sustainability ambitions. Our foundation strives to develop solutions to complex issues that frequently affect multiple parties in our value chain. Through its projects, the foundation aims to develop methods that are scalable and ensure long-term structural improvements. In addition to the work that Nature’s Pride performs as a company, this approach enables the foundation to contribute to improving sustainability within our sector.

The foundation is currently working on healthy food accessibility, water use and responsible water management within the framework of two overarching themes, ‘healthy lifestyle’ and ‘prosperous living environment'.

Healthy food and diet

In Peru we have started to develop food forests at public schools. We have created a handbook for this purpose, which is freely available to everyone. We have established forests at five schools together with our growers. This has enabled more than 2,500 teachers, parents and students to learn about the cultivation process of fruit and vegetables and nature in general. The aesthetic quality of the schools is further improved, lessons are organised in the forests and children eat products that they have grown themselves during their lunch breaks.

In South Africa and Peru, we have started ‘Nutrition at Work’ projects. As a result, 700 people now have access to healthy, nutrient-rich meals at work, while a further 1,300 people have become more aware of the importance of a healthy diet. The Access to Nutrition Initiative wrote a case study on this topic.

Promising living environment

Responsible water management

To successfully manage water, you must look beyond the field and strive to coordinate and connect all water users in the specified region. This is known as collective action. The Nature’s Pride Foundation has invested in this for many years and works together with a diverse range of parties on collective action for responsible water management in Peru and Chile.

We also invest in providing people with improved access to water and hygiene. In Peru, we have improved access to water and hygiene for more than 3,500 people, at schools, medical centres and in farming communities. 


Together with our growers, for a better world