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Let everyone enjoy healthy food

At Nature’s Pride we love to let everyone enjoy today and tomorrow. We do this by supplying the tastiest exotic fruit and vegetables sourced from our dedicated growers all over the world. These growers have been specially selected so we can supply consistently high quality and optimal flavour. Our intensive quality inspections, unique ripening expertise and progressive mindset ensure consumers can always enjoy our products. 

Our assortment

Nature's Pride supplies the tastiest exotic fruit and vegetables, sourced from our dedicated growers all over the world. Our wide, high quality range caters to a diversity of needs and requirements, from Ready-to-Eat fruit to the lesser known but equally delicious varieties. All of our products are passionately grown, for people and nature. We follow the sun, always harvesting in the right season. This enables us to consistently deliver high quality and optimum flavour year-round, ensuring enjoyment for everyone!


EAT ME, our own brand:, symbolises quality, inspires consumers and gives people the belief that they are contributing to a better world. It encourages consumers to enjoy the tastiest exotic fruit and vegetables more often. The striking appearance of the EAT ME brand ensures recognisability and reliability on the shelf, and allows consumers to enjoy fresh, tasty and responsibly grown products on a daily basis.


At Nature’s Pride, you can always rely on consistently high quality and optimum flavour. We work together with the best growers and collectively apply the highest quality standards and requirements on all our fruit and vegetable varieties and the cultivation process. We also conduct intensive quality inspections. We have been awarded every essential certificate, which demonstrates that we take our work seriously. Listed below is an overview of our certifications.

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