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Our customers

In Europe, we are the pioneer in exotic fruit and vegetables. As a reliable partner, we work with a wide range of customers: from diverse retail formats to exporters and wholesalers who supply to specialist fruit and vegetable companies, caterers and hospitality. Thanks to our high quality service, our premium brand EAT ME and broad expertise in all areas - from the cultivation process to the store shelf - we offer our customers unique opportunities to differentiate themselves. 

With our wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables, we provide a valuable addition to our customers' assortment. They are passionately grown by our committed growers, with the utmost care for people and nature. Due to our intensive quality inspections, unique ripening expertise and progressive mindset, we guarantee consistently high quality and year-round availability. Combined with the latest consumer and market knowledge, we collectively ensure the growth of the category and that an increasing number of people can enjoy healthy food.

Sustainable packaging

We provide innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers in terms of packaging. We strive to use recyclable or reusable packaging from a single type of material. To do this, we seek the right balance between maintaining the quality of our products and ensuring the lowest possible impact on the environment. To provide our customers with an optimal service, we apply the latest techniques and highest hygiene standards in our automated packing area. 

Category management

At Nature’s Pride, we believe in the importance of growing the category together with our partners. We inspire and advise our partners with a category vision. Together, we analyse the type of shopper, the formulation of objectives, trends and market and consumer developments to create collective category plans on the basis of this information. At the same time, we work with our growers on strategic product plans, by sharing market, client and consumer data and trends. This allows us to respond to the needs and requirements of the consumer and balance supply and demand.

Fruit shelf overview


As well as ensuring the availability of the tastiest exotic fruit and vegetables, we apply advanced marketing strategies to inform and inspire consumers. We use a data driven shopper marketing strategy, based on consumer insight and product knowledge. A global network, our EAT ME brand and conducting market research and data analysis ensure that we are always up to date with current consumer behaviour and demands. By sharing, among others, preparation tips, health benefits, recipe inspiration and (online) campaigns through to the store floor, we allow an increasing number of consumers to enjoy the tastiest fruit and vegetables.

Wake up, Start fresh! campaign

In our ‘Wake up, Start Fresh!’ campaign, we inspire consumers to buy mangos and passion fruit and to incorporate them into their breakfast rituals. We successfully capture the public’s attention through promotional tips and in-store activation using POS materials.

Avocado All Day! Campaign

Our ‘Avocado’s All Day!’ campaign highlights the many potential uses of avocados. We inspire shoppers with delicious and accessible avocado recipes for different consumption moments throughout the day. In partnership with our customers and supported by the World Avocado Organisation, we create various promotions. Using in-store demonstrations, recipe cards, (online) advertisements and our own EAT ME inspiration platform, we stimulate demand for avocados and inspire people to make conscious and healthy food choices.

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