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  • Taste experts and consumers choose EAT ME Kiwi as their favourite!

Taste experts and consumers choose EAT ME Kiwi as their favourite!

Our ready-to-eat EAT ME kiwis are chosen as the favourite! This is the result of research done by Wageningen University & Research, who've had the ready-to-eat EAT ME kiwi and her greatest competitors on the market, evaluated by taste experts and consumers.

It all starts by growing the most flavoursome kiwi varieties in the right countries. Together with our growers, in the various regions where Nature's Pride sources its kiwis, we select the best fruits. These fruits are of the Hayward variety, known for its delicious flavour sensation and good shelf-life. We firmly believe that the ready to eat EAT ME kiwis are the very best on the market. To prove it, we asked Wageningen University & Research to test our kiwis sourced from growers during both the European and overseas season. A consumer testing panel and a sensory panel tasted the ready to eat EAT ME kiwis and their main competitors on the market and assessed them for appearance and flavour. Ready to eat EAT ME kiwis were the favourite in both seasons! We have the tastiest kiwis all year round!

The transformation into the tasties kiwi

Each kiwi must contain all the right elements so it can be transformed into the tastiest kiwi on the market. The kiwis are only harvested once they have the right brix and dry matter content. When the first sample of kiwis has received the green light, the other kiwis are picked manually. The moment of picking is therefore later than usual with other growers in the market. On arrival at Nature's Pride the fruits are inspected for quality and ripeness. Following this inspection, the ripening masters decide on the subsequent ripening programme to bring the fruits to the stage where they are perfectly ready to eat. The climate of the country of origin is replicated in special ripening rooms. The right temperature and humidity are set to ensure the fruit feels at home and ripens naturally. Every day, the ripening masters perform random checks to monitor the ripening process and decide if the temperature or humidity needs to be adjusted. During the first few days, the temperature slowly increases to induce a gradual ripening process. When the fruit has reached the right stage of ripeness, the temperature is decreased to delay the ripening process. This gradual approach avoids the fruits experiencing a temperature shock, so they stay fresher for longer. Only the most flavoursome and ripe, ready to eat kiwis are awarded the purple EAT ME sticker with the red arrow and can be found in the shops.


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