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  • Golden papaya

Golden papaya

The golden papaya is a tropical pear shaped fruit and has thin golden yellow skin. The soft and juicy flesh is orangey-red. The inside of the fruit has a hollow space filled with black seeds. The EAT ME papaya is a golden papaya variety.
The ideal teperature of Golden papaya

Storage advice

Golden papayas are kept refrigerated during storage and transport. The ideal temperature during transport is 10 degrees Celsius. At home the Golden papaya is best kept out of the fridge.
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Origin Nature's Pride Golden papaya

Golden papaya - BrazilBrazil

Growing and harvesting

Golden papayas grow on the trunk of a tree whose trunk is hollow. The golden papaya is a fast- growing fruit, which partly ripens on the tree. Growth starts with the planting of 28-day-old plants in the field. After 5 to 8 months, these plants have grown into fruit-bearing trees about 2 metres tall. Then harvesting starts and every day for 2 years about 1 papaya per tree can be harvested. Eventually the trees grow to a height of 3 to 4 metres. After the 2-year harvesting period this field is cleared and the grower starts a harvesting period on a new field. The golden papayas of Nature's Pride are harvested when a yellow blush has appeared on the fruit. After harvesting, the papayas ripen through. To avoid damage, each harvested papaya is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a crate. These crates are brought to the warehouse. There the fruit is selected by quality and size, washed and packed. Then the papayas go into the refrigerator for further cooling. After that the fruits are transported to the Netherlands. By ripening the fruits properly after harvesting, the papayas are ripe and full of flavour when purchased. Golden papayas ready to eat are ripe when the skin is 80-100% yellow in colour. An EAT ME golden papaya which is ready to eat can be identified by the red 'ripe arrow'.

Packaging options

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Golden papaya
Golden papaya

Preparation tips & recipes

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