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  • Efficient Supply Chain

    Efficient Supply Chain

Our business is based in the heart of the Westland 'Greenport', conveniently located close to the port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol airport. All of our products are transported from Maasdijk to our customers across Europe.

Maximum freshness

Our product supply is tailored to market demand on a daily basis, using efficient supply chain management. Nature's Pride makes precise agreements with suppliers and transporters in order to guarantee an unbroken cold chain. Uniquely coded shipments travel with an electronic logger, which records product temperature throughout the entire journey. Nature's Pride is regarded as a customs transshipment port, which avoids delays when products arrive at sea- or airports. Each product in our warehouse is stored at its optimum temperature and humidity level. The high degree of automation in our building enables optimal inventory management, and wherever possible we use EDI ordering.
The ultimate goal of our supply chain management is to ensure maximum freshness and good shelf life for our products.

Nature's Pride is certified according to the international standards of IFS Logistics and AEO.

Efficient Supply Chain
Efficient Supply Chain
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