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More fruits and vegetables for Food Banks

The Netherlands
Groente en Fruit Brigade, Voedselbank Nederland
More fruits and vegetables in food parcels
22,000 children
Funded by
Nature's Pride Foundation

Compact lorry

The Nature’s Pride Foundation made a donation to the Groenten & Fruit Brigade (Fruit & Vegetable Brigade), which they used to purchase a compact lorry. With this vehicle, the Groente & Fruit Brigade can collect fruit and vegetables directly from donors and plan logistics better.

Willem van Prooijen, chairman of the Groente & Fruitbrigade, is enthusiastic: “Nature’s Pride is one of the most reliable and important suppliers to the Groente & Fruit Brigade. They send us avocados and mangos every week. Our partnership, which has existed for over two years, is now getting an extra boost with the financial support of the Nature’s Pride Foundation. With this, we are able to organise the supply from suppliers more efficiently. Our volume will increase, but at lower logistical costs.

The Nature’s Pride Foundation is also very pleased with the cooperation with Groenten & Fruit Brigade. Erik Molendijk, chairman of the Foundation “Nature’s Pride Foundation supports projects that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and a good living environment. We support many projects in countries where our exotic fruit and vegetables come from. It’s wonderful to be able to support such an excellent initiative as the Groente & FruitBrigade here in our own country now.”

After selection for quality, the Groenten & Fruit Brigade delivers batches of fruit and vegetables to the distribution centres of Voedselbanken Nederland (Dutch Food Banks). As a result, the food packages for food bank customers now include more fresh, healthy products.