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Berries Pride strawberry growers successfully pass WWF Spain’s water check

Our dedicated strawberry growers Tierras del Condado, La Cartuja and AgroMartin have taken the extra step in their full commitment to responsible water use by successfully passing the WWF Spain check. They lead by example and wish to inspire others to join the collective effort for a more sustainable agricultural sector.

Together we go the extra mile

Some of the best strawberries are grown in Southern Spain providing income for thousands of people and communities.

This area is also home to the Doñana wetlands, a Unesco World Heritage site and unique natural ecosystem that receives over 6 million migratory birds every year. Water requirements of nature and humans must be carefully balanced to safeguard long-term sustainability for all of us. It is well-known that this is a challenge.

Berries Pride’s dedicated growers do their part by implementing best water practices and abiding by the law as overseen by local authorities and independently verified by the GLOBALG.A.P. SPRING audit.

Amidst growing concerns about illegal water use in strawberry production in Southern Spain, it fills us with great pride that our dedicated growers now have gone one step further.

Following last year’s publication of WWF Spain’s Guide to Ensure Legal Water Use they have become the first berry growers to successfully complete this additional check, which consists of desk research, satellite imagery, and a field visit by an external expert.

Together we go the extra mile so that our customers can enjoy the best tasting, top-quality strawberries with a peace of mind.


Robin Euwe, strawberry buyer at Berries Pride

‘I’m extremely proud of our growers. They immediately agreed to take this extra step underscoring their full commitment to responsible water use which fits in our continuous strive to provide peace of mind of our customers.

Balancing overall water demand in Southern Spain with water availability is a challenge. Berries Pride is committed to doing its part but cannot achieve this alone. We truly believe that we are Better Together when we work collectively on the issue as a sector and throughout the whole value chain.’

Felipe Fuentelsaz, coordinator of Water and Agriculture at WWF Spain

‘We celebrate that companies like Berries Pride use our guide to ensure the legality in the use of water and engage with their suppliers to contribute to responsible water management in Southern Spain. It’s an important first step to go to a sustainable agricultural sector.’