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EAT ME avocados now with longer lasting Apeel protection

Nature's Pride delivers from now on its EAT ME avocados with the plant-based protection of Apeel. This protection ensures that ready-to-eat avocados keep their quality longer. We want to give consumers more time to enjoy ready-to-eat avocados, which helps to prevent food waste.

Apeel is made of plant-derived materials that exist in the peels, seeds and pulp of all the fruits and vegetables we already eat. Apeel retains the moisture in the fruit longer and ensures that less oxygen enters the fruit. This helps to make the avocado last longer.

Since 2019, Nature's Pride has been working closely with Apeel Sciences in the pursuit of a more sustainable food system. Meanwhile, Apeel has been fully integrated into our proces and has been scaled up in phases to allow more and more avocados to be treated with Apeel. In addition, the benefits of Apeel have been validated through third-party research across multiple markets, as well as the business impact tested at some retail customers.

"The promise of our EAT ME brand is to inspire consumers to enjoy the highest quality exotic fruits and vegetables, with the confidence that they are contributing to a better world. We are therefore proud that we can now take the step of supplying our partners with avocados of our EAT ME brand with Apeel on a large scale. By doing so, we offer our partners and consumers an EAT ME avocado that retains its quality longer, which can help reduce food waste. Only together can we make a difference on key sustainability issues," said Adriëlle Dankier, CCO of Nature's Pride.

“The Nature’s Pride and Apeel relationship started with a common thread of sustainability. Today, we are excited to be protecting even more of the EAT ME avocados than we ever have to expand the availability of longer-lasting avocados” said Erich Klawuhn, SVP Tropicals of Apeel. 

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