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Inspiration and experience

‘Supporting our retail clients on the shop floor and online is central to our campaign. Alongside the promotions, we’re organising instore demonstrations with different ingredients to arouse the senses and create the ultimate product experience. The consumer can feel, see and taste the avocado, and receive an immediate product explanation. With a display transformed into a 'food truck’ we've created extra shelf space and fun in the shop. The striking POS materials and recipe inspiration cards are also getting people’s attention. This way we can increase consumer awareness to the versatility of the avocado.

Geotargeting has been implemented online. Hordijk: ‘Using social media, we can specifically target consumers within a 2 km radius of a physical sales location. The action mechanism that repeats in the online adverts triggers these consumers to come to the store or web shop. And it wouldn’t be a summer festival without music. The EAT ME Spotify playlist full of summer hits gives the campaign an extra impulse.'

Longer enjoyment, less waste

As avocados can be used for different consumption moments, the EAT ME avocado has a distinct advantage. They are protected by a plant-based (in connection with Apeel) protective layer. This protective layer ensures that ripe and ready to eat avocados retain their quality. ‘We ensure that the consumer has more time to enjoy the ready to eat avocado and help prevent food waste,’ explains Hordijk. ‘If it doesn’t go with your breakfast, you can always incorporate it into your lunch. That way, we can all enjoy the high quality for longer and contribute to a better world. That’s our mission.'