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EAT ME promotes healthy food choices by once again highlighting avocado versatility

EAT ME is once again highlighting the versatility of the avocado with a new promotional campaign. Last year’s avocado campaign successfully informed and inspired consumers, and promoted healthy avocado consumption at any time of the day. Applying the new campaign slogan “Avocado all day: from breakfast to dinner", the message is clearer than ever.

The revamped campaign aims to increase consumer awareness of avocado versatility and the health benefits they provide, as well as the ease with which they can be used in any recipe. Nature’s Pride, the company behind the EAT ME brand, aims to encourage people to incorporate avocados into their daily diet, whether this is intended for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a healthy snack.

Various marketing activities

The campaign is supported by a range of marketing activities, including social media campaigns, recipes, tips and ideas, to showcase the versatility of avocados. Nature’s Pride has set up various promotional activities in collaboration with its retail partners and supported by the World Avocado Organisation. In-store demonstrations allow shoppers to taste different dishes and receive on the spot product information and instructions. In addition, shop floors have been enhanced with second placement displays, eye-catching POS materials and recipe cards, to convey the promotional message effectively and in an accessible style.

Avocado all day

“Nature’s Pride is delighted to join forces with its retail partners to increase consumer awareness of avocados. Avocados are not only delicious, healthy and nutritious, they can also be eaten in so many different ways. Whether you want to make a creamy avocado toast for breakfast, a colourful salad for lunch or a creamy guacamole as a side dish for dinner, avocados fit seamlessly into any recipe, dish or meal,” says Wilbert Hordijk, Marketing & Communications Manager at Nature’s Pride. “We hope to inspire consumers to include avocados in their daily diet and show that they are a versatile and healthy option, whatever the time of day."

Contributing to healthier society

With its revamped campaign, Nature’s Pride aims to further boost the growing demand for avocados and encourage people to make conscious and healthy food choices. By promoting avocados as a versatile and nutritious option for any time of day, Nature’s Pride aims to have a positive impact on consumer eating habits and contribute to realising a healthier society.