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Israeli mango season looks promising

Tasty mangos from Israel supplement our mango range up to week 41. This is mainly the Keitt variety, characterized by its green skin and delicious sweet flesh. Despite the later start, the Israeli season looks promising. The growers expect 15-25% more production compared to last year.

Israeli Mango Season Promising - News - Nature's Pride

The Israeli Keitt is mainly green, with a small red blush every now and then. However, due to the relatively short transport time from Israel to Nature's Pride, the mangos continue to grow and mature on the tree longer. As a result, the mangos contain a lot of sugar and they have a delicious sweet taste. To inform consumers of this, we label every Israeli Keitt mango with a 'sweet inside, green outside' sticker. In addition, the Keitt from Israel is large in size and especially sizes 6 and 7 are readily available.

Oblong shaped mango
Green mango with a small red blush or no blush at all
Small stone
Fiberless flesh
Very juicy
Deliciously sweet