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Nature's Pride Speaker at UN 2023 Water Conference

Nature's Pride is attending the UN Water Conference in New York as a speaker of the official programme this week. Following World Water Week in Stockholm and the European Commission, Nature's Pride is now taking the stage at the United Nations headquarters to speak on collective action for responsible water management in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Today, on World Water Day, the United Nations' three-day water conference kicks off. For the first time in almost 50 years, world leaders, policymakers, civil society organisations and businesses are coming together to accelerate action for sustainable water use. Led by Wageningen University & Research and together with other partners, Nature's Pride will highlight the need to make water pivotal in food systems. Adriƫlle Dankier, CEO, and Coen van Iwaarden, Sr. Advisor Sustainable Business, are representing Nature's Pride. Van Iwaarden will participate in the panel discussion on stage on Friday 24 March.

"We see that collective action for responsible water management is starting to take shape in different countries worldwide. Nature's Pride has been emphasizing the importance of collective action since 2018, when we started to better understand and manage water in our value chain. It is valuable and critical that key players within the Water Stewardship community, many of whom we have worked closely with, are coming together around this issue. Nature's Pride will continue to support these developments in Peru, Chile, Spain and other priority catchments. I am very much looking forward to the conference in New York to inspire each other and engage in dialogue on how we can take the next steps together," said Coen van Iwaarden.

Nature's Pride is actively working with its growers on responsible water management and considers this as a step towards its goal of raising water awareness within the sector and encouraging collective action to make the food system healthier and more resilient.