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New sustainable EAT ME packaging

At Nature's Pride, we strive to use recyclable or reusable packaging from a single type of material. That is why we are proud to announce that from now on we offer our kiwis and passion fruit in sustainable EAT ME mono packaging. 

We have replaced the previous flowpack packaging of our kiwis and passion fruits with cardboard packaging. By doing so, we save 50,000 kilos of plastic per year and we realise a CO2 reduction on packaging and truck loading. In addition, by choosing high-quality cardboard with strong fibres (100% FSC certified), these new mono-packaging can be recycled up to 22 times. 

Besides the various sustainability benefits, this packaging solution guarantees the quality and shelf life of our products. An additional advantage is that the packaging provides space to inform consumers about the health benefits and to give recipe inspiration and storage advice. So we can let everyone enjoy healthy food, today and tomorrow.

Available packaging:

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