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Retailers excited: Apeel cuts waste in half, reduces CO2 emissions and saves water

Two of Nature's Pride's major retail partners in Denmark and Germany have started using Apeel technology on avocados this year - with amazing results. The shelf life of avocados has been considerably extended thanks to Apeel's plant-derived protective layer. And that's not just good news for retailers and consumers, but also for the environment.

Apeel Test - News - Nature's Pride

Combatting food waste is a major challenge in our value chain. We work with professional growers who produce fantastic fruit and vegetables, but during transport, ripening and at the point of sale, fresh produce is spoiled. Nature's Pride wants to ensure that consumers can enjoy our products to the fullest. Thanks to Apeel we can reduce the spoilage of avocados in the value chain and this in turn his reduces the environmental burden of each avocado eaten by consumers. Initial measurements show a 50% reduction in food waste in the journey from Nature's Pride to the final consumer. Per trailer load, an average of 5,400 avocados have been from spoilage, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions and saves water use. These positive results give a strong to boost our partnership with Apeel. We will continue to expand its application to Nature's Pride's products in the coming months.

Learn more? Watch a short video about the pilot here.