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The Nature’s Pride avocado sets the standard…

The tastiest avocado

  • Best taste, harvested by the best growers at the most optimal time
  • Perfectly ripe, pioneers in ripening for 20 years
  • 100% quality & selection control thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • Yearround availabilty by traveling with the sun
  • Stable volumes thanks to long-term partnerships with growers
Avocados saved

World class water management

  • The first one to implement GLOBAL GAP SPRING water audits
  • Maximum water savings by the growers: innovative irrigation technology, water recycling, irrigatietechnologie, waterhergebruik, good soil management
  • Active support of good water management in the whole region
  • We are moving the international fruit and vegetable sector to manage water together

Low CO2 emissions

  • Transport by road or sea
  • Efficient tranport, optimal logistical planning

Sustainably packed

  • 100% FSC certified carton
  • 100% recycleble

Better life for thousands of people

  • Accurate selection of growers in employee policy.
  • Guidance from an expert team of Nature‚Äôs Pride
  • Close monitoring, independent audits and continuous improvement
  • Chances for the grower, the employee, its family and the community

More time to enjoy, less waste

  • Revolutionary plant-based protection by Apeel
  • Less waste results in a huge water and CO2 saving
  • No products waste; we make guacamole or avocado-oil or we donate to the Food Bank