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  • Fresh and crispy Shanghai paksoy

Fresh and crispy Shanghai paksoy

Shanghai Paksoy is a smaller variety of Paksoy. It is a sturdy plant and has a fresh flavour. Shanghai Paksoy is family of the Chinese cabbage and is grown in glasshouses in The Netherlands.

Our Dutch grower delivers year round deliciously fresh and crispy Shanghai Paksoy. Shanghai Paksoy is directly sown in the soil using a seed sowing machine or they are first cultivated from seed at a seed company and then put in the soil. In the summer, they can be harvested after 3 to 4 weeks. In winter, this process takes longer, it can take up to 3 months, before harvesting. Harvesting happens in the morning in the winter and at night in the summer so the product stays fresh when it is harvested. The heads get cut by hand just above the soil and they are packed in their final packaging straight away. Then the products are re-cooled and transported in refrigerated trucks to Nature's Pride. Shanghai Paksoy is available loose in 8 kg and 5x2 pieces packed.

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