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  • Sweet and juicy Formosa papaya from Brazil

Sweet and juicy Formosa papaya from Brazil

The Formosa papaya is one of the largest papaya varieties. The fruit weighs 1.5 kg on average but can be as heavy as three kilos! The flesh of the Formosa papaya is orange and quite firm compared with
other papaya varieties.

Our Brazilian grower delivers tasty and sweet Formosa papayas year-round. Formosa papaya fruits grow on hollow-stemmed trees. It is a fast growing fruit that ripens on the tree. The growth process starts by planting 28 day-old seedlings on the field. After five to eight months these seedlings will have grown into fruit-bearing trees of approximately two metres. Harvesting can then begin: about one papaya per tree per day for a period of one and a half years. The trees will eventually grow to a height of three to four metres. After the harvesting period of one and a half years the field is cleared and the grower starts a harvesting period on a new field. Each harvested papaya is wrapped in bubble wrap before being put into crates to prevent damage. These crates are then taken to the packing station where the papayas are rinsed in a cold-water bath. The fruits are then dried and sorted by hand for ripeness and size before being put into cold storage for further cooling. Finally the fruits are transported to the Netherlands by plane, where they arrive at Nature's Pride – mere days from being harvested.

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