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  • Nature’s Cross to improve public education in Peru

Nature’s Cross to improve public education in Peru

On Saturday, September 23, over 300 Nature's Pride members joined the Nature's Cross 2017. Together we have collected the fantastic amount of € 85,000. With this amount we can improve public education in various areas in Peru, where our mangoes, avocados and asparagus come from.

The delicious autumn sun and a new trail in a wooded area were the perfect conditions for all the sport activities. The walkers started with a fast pace the 10 km, the children ran as hard as they could the Kids Cross and during the Big Cross many participants challenged themselves. Furthermore, the necessary support from many spectators did not miss alongside. It was a nice day with lots of sports and fun!

With the proceeds of the Nature's Cross we can help teachers to improve the classroom skills by means of custom-made workshops. This will lead to a better and more fun education for children. In addition, two schools are setting up orchards that teachers can use to make their classes more interactive and fun. The children themselves will be working with the orchards learning about agriculture, nature and nutrition. As the kids eat the fruits and vegetables themselves, it will also be a source of healthy food!

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