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Ivory Coast mangos

From the end of week 17 we will switch from the Peruvian mango season to the African mango season. The mangos will then come from The Ivory Coast. The mangos from The Ivory Coast are characterised by their beautiful red blush, and above all their delicious flesh which has a good Brix, is deliciously soft and beautifully coloured.

We receive the Kent variety from The Ivory Coast. The Kent mango variety has a round shape, broad shoulders and a thick, elastic skin. Due to the climatic conditions, the skin of the Kent mangos from The Ivory Coast is less rigid and somewhat thinner than the Kent mangos from other countries. For this reason, the mangos may have wrinkles in the skin around the 'nose'. However, the African mangos taste delicious.

We expect the first mangos from the Dominican Republic around week 20. We travel the world to source the most flavourful mangos!

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