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It’s Mango Time!

For us, the month of May is all about mangos. With the 'It's mango time' campaign, we are letting consumers know that deliciously sweet EAT ME mangos are available all year round. With the campaign we are focussing on households with children. According to our category management study, this is the target group with the greatest potential.

Various POS materials, a campaign sticker and shop demonstrations will tempt consumers to eat more mangos and visit the campaign page. The action page explains how sweet EAT ME mangos are available all year round and visitors can win a children's bicycle in a nice mango colour. They will also find easy mango recipes and a colouring page for the children.

During the campaign period we mainly supply Kent mangos from the Ivory Coast. The mangos from the Ivory Coast are characterized by their beautiful red blush and above all the tasty flesh that has a good brix level, they are wonderfully soft in structure and have a beautiful colour. Due to climatic conditions, the Kent mangos from the Ivory Coast have a less tight and slightly thinner skin compared to Kent mangos from other countries. This can cause creases in the skin towards the 'nose' of the mango. In addition, the African mangos do not get a layer of wax, so that the fruits do not shine. However, the taste of the African mangos is delicious!

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